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275 - Sassy Green Tudor Silk

275 - Sassy Green Tudor Silk

Gloriana Tudor Silk Floss

Size: 5 Yard Skein

Strand: 12 Strand Silk

Weight: 120/2*

Tudor Silk (manufactured in Switzerland) is an extra-fine hand-dyed silk wonderful for stitching on high count fabrics such as 40 & 45 count linens. It separates into 12 strands, with each strand half the weight of Gloriana's standard silk floss. Stitch with one strand over-one on fine counts or vary the number of strands for other counts.

*The first number denotes the weight of the thread. The higher the number, the thinner, or lighter, the thread. The second number denotes the number of plies in the final strand of thread.

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