A Stitch in Time Pinkeep Pattern
Abby's Needlekeep Pattern
Anna Morgan 1845 Pattern
Be Still My Soul Tailor's Roll Pattern
Be Ye Virtuous Pattern
Bittersweet Gatherings Pinkeep Drum Pattern
Catharine Dickenson 1840 Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Come Dance with Me Pinkeep Pattern
Faithful Friend Tool Tray Pattern
Fruit of the Vine Needle Roll Pattern
Gate Keeper Pinpoke Pattern
Happy Hearts Rejoice Pinkeep Nest Pattern
Harvest of Penty Pattern
Heart of Wisdom Pattern
Heart's Content Armchair Pinpoke Pattern
Humble Gatherings Pattern
Jewel of Wisdom Pattern
Lydia Barnes Pidgeon 1827 Pattern
Mary Wood 1837 Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Mend Thy Soul Tailor's Roll Pattern
Midwinter's Day Tailor's Roll Pattern
Miss Isabelle Black Pattern
Miss Kitty's String Bag Pattern
Moriah's Summer Token Hand Fan Pattern
Night Watch 1626 Pattern
Peace & Plenty Scissor Mat Pattern
Prince of Peace Pattern
Rest in the Lord Scissor Mat Pattern
Shelter from the Storm Pattern
Sir William Black Pattern
Spring Delivery Pattern
Spring Gathering Pattern
Sweet Gatherings Pinkeep Pattern On sale
Tea Time Kettle Mat Pattern