A Winter's Day Visit Pattern
Acorn Gathering Sewing Roll Pattern
All Bundled Up! Cross Stitch Pattern
Autumn Gatherings Pattern
Autumn in Baltimore Pattern
Autumn's Bouquet Pattern
Baltimore Saltbox Pattern
Basketful of Autumn Time Pattern
Basketful of Spring Time Pattern
Basketful of Winter Time Pattern
Bells of Christmas Pattern
Berry Keeper Pattern
Betsey Snyder, 1822 Sampler Pattern
Bittersweet & Broomsticks Cross Stitch Pattern
Blessings Be Thine Cross Stitch Pattern
Bloom Where You're Planted Pattern
Bluebird out My Window Pattern
Bobbing For Pumpkins Pattern
Boo & Baa-bbie Lamb Wagon Pattern
Boo To You! Pattern
Brr...It's Cold Outside! Pattern
Candy Cane Lane Pattern
Christmas at Winterberry Cabin Pattern
Coffee First Pattern
Easter Parade Pattern
Essamplaire Petite I Pattern
Farmyard Parade Pattern
Field Mouse Hollow Pattern
Forever and Ever Sampler Pattern
Grateful, Thankful & Blessed Pattern
Hallow's Eve at Raven's Hallow Pattern
Hannah Ann Wallace 1850 Sampler Pattern
Happy Birthday, America! Pattern
Harietta & Co. Pattern
Heap on the Wood Pattern
Here a Peep There a Peep! With Thy Needle Thread Cross Stitch Pattern
Hickety Pickety Pattern
Hilda Boo & Sunflowers, Too! Pattern
Ho! Ho! Ho! Pattern
Holiday Hoopla - Christmas Pattern
Holiday Hoopla - Halloween Pattern
Holiday Hoopla - Thanksgivingn Pattern
Holiday Hoopla 4th of July Cross Stitch Pattern
I Collect Pattern
I Rest Thy Needle Pattern
In Season Pattern
Jack O Lantern Jubilee Pattern
L. Genders 1875 Pattern
Lady Liberty Pattern
Liberty for All Pattern
Manor at Quaker Hill Pattern
Merry Christmas! Pattern
Merry Mouse Pattern
Merry Noel Pattern
Mr. Marshmallow Pattern
Needleworker's Sampler Pattern
Oct. 31st Halloween Pattern
Our Hearts Sampler Pattern
Patriotic Poppies Pattern
Pink Sparrow Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Plum Pudding Pattern
Quaker Handework Pattern
Queen of Harvest Pattern
Red Bird Fraktur Pattern
Saltbox Quilt Sampler Pattern
Samplings No. 1 Pattern
Samplings No. 2 Pattern
Santa's Tree Farm Pattern
Say You Have... Pattern On sale
Scary Mouse Pattern
Shepherd's Sampler Pattern
Snow Birds Snowman Pattern
Snow For Christmas Pattern
Souvenirs of the Heart - Autumn in Amana Pattern
Souvenirs of the Heart - Home for Christmas Pattern
Souvenirs of the Heart - Star Spangled Spectacular
Spring Delivery Pattern
Spring Frolic at Bunny Hill Pattern
Spring in Baltimore Pattern
Spring Serenade Pattern
Stars & Stripes Pattern
Summer at Cherry Hill Sampler Pattern
Summer in Baltimore Cross Stitch Pattern
Summer Schoolhouse - Lessons in Abecedarian #1 Pattern
Summer Schoolhouse - Lessons in Abecedarian #2 Pattern
Summer Schoolhouse - Lessons in Abecedarian #3 Pattern
Summer Schoolhouse - Lessons in Abecedarian #4 Pattern
The Cat & The Moon Pattern
The Christmas Bird Cross Stitch Pattern
The Snow Ball Pattern
The Witches Brew Pattern
Three Black-Eyed Susans Pattern
Three Tulips Pattern
To Thee From Me Pattern
Token of Love Quaker Sampler Pattern
Tulip Festival Pattern
Welcome Spring Pattern
When Flowers Blossom Pattern
When Santa's Away Pattern
Where Hearts Rest Pattern
Where Liberty Dwells Pattern
Where the Bittersweet Blooms Pattern
Winter Gatherings Pattern
Winter in Baltimore Pattern
Winter Rose Manor Pattern
Wool & Flax Pattern
Word Play ~ April Pattern
Word Play ~ December Pattern
Word Play ~ January Pattern
Word Play ~ July Pattern
Word Play ~ May Pattern