A Pennsylvania Bird Pattern
A Pleasant Sampler Reproduction Pattern
A.L. Motif Sampler Pattern
Aloft Pattern
Auld Lang Syne Pattern
Autumn Tree Pattern
Bee Kind Bee True Pattern
Birdie's Quilt Tree Pattern
Birdies Quilt Tree Pattern
Bower Birds Pattern
Carnation Sampler Pattern
Charleston Pattern
First Day of Christmas Sampler & Tree Pattern
First Day of Christmas Tree Punch Needle Pattern
Flower Basket Punch Needle Pattern
Flowers Always Pattern
Fraktur Bees Pattern
Friendship Quilt Tree Pattern
Friendship Quilt Tree Punch Needle Pattern
Grain Sack Sampler Pattern
Great Oak Punch Needle Pattern
Hello from Liz Mathews - Spring Tree Patterns (Sold Separately)
Hocus Pocus Pattern
Hold Fast Pattern
Hold Fast Punch Needle Pattern
Iced Winter Tree Pattern
Iced Winter Tree Punch Needle Pattern
Ichabod Crane Punch Needle Pattern
Love Blooms Punch Needle Pattern
Loved By You Pattern
May Flowers Tree Pattern
Moby's Garden Punch Needle Pattern
Nantucket Sampler Pattern
Pumpkin Quilt Tree Pattern
Quaker Pumpkins Pattern
Red R Sampler Pattern
Sally's Shore Pattern
Second Day of Christmas Sampler & Tree Pattern
Sleepy Hollow Pattern
Spanish Rose Sampler Pattern
Spring Quilt Tree Pattern
Stars and Stripes Tree Pattern
Swan Tree Pattern
Third Day of Christmas Sampler & Tree Pattern
Yonder Pattern