1831 Christmas Pattern
A Gentleman's Daughter Pattern
A New Constellation Pattern
A Shepherd's Song Pattern
Abominable Bundle Pattern
Adam Names the Animals Pattern
Always Remember Pattern Back in Stock Soon
Autumn Hill Pattern
Autumn Saltboxes Pattern
Berry Cottage Pattern
Betsy's Autumn Pattern
Betsy's Stockings Pattern
Betsy's Tart Pattern
Bigfoot Bunch Pattern Back in Stock Soon
Blackberry House Pattern
Blackbird Fraktur Pattern
Bless Our Land Pattern
Blueskin Pattern
Bowl Full of Scaries Scary One Pattern
Buzz Off Pattern
Chocolate Harts Cross Stitch Pattern
Clementine Pattern
Cotton Bird Pattern
Cow Pile Pattern
Crone on the Hill Pattern
Eat Crow Pattern
Elizabeth Sarah Oliver 1842 Sampler Pattern
Falling Pattern
Farmstead Christmas Pattern
Flag Flock and Sheep Keep Pattern
Flirting Pattern
Fox Few Pattern
Fraktur Friends Pattern
George Decorates for Martha Pattern
Goat Load Pattern
Gobble Gob Pattern
Goodbye Fall Pattern
Goodness & Plenty Pattern
Goody Grimwold Pattern
Grace On Thee Pattern
Halloween Delivery Pattern
Harvest Delivery Pattern
Hedge Row Pattern
Hello Fall Pattern
Hello Spring Pattern
Hello Summer Pattern
Hello Winter Pattern
Hen Peck Pattern
Heritage Sampler Pattern
Home for Christmas Pattern
In Friendship Pattern
Jack's Bash Pattern
Kringle & Woolard Pattern
Liberty Lodge Pattern
Llama Lump Pattern
Mary Inglis 1830 Sampler Pattern
Merfolks' Eden Pattern
Merry Ewe Pattern
Merry Friends Pattern
Merry One Pattern
Merry Three Pattern
My Early Days Pattern
My Peaceful Home Pattern
Nantucket Girl's Sampler Pattern
Nightshade Bird Pattern
Noah's Christmas Ark I  - Crocodiles and Giraffes Pattern
Noah's Christmas Ark II - Doves and Honeybees Pattern Back in Stock Soon
Noah's Christmas Ark III  - Whales and Squirrels Pattern
Noah's Christmas Ark IV - Pandas and Parrots Pattern
Noah's Christmas Ark V - Hyenas and Sheep Pattern
Noah's Christmas Ark VI - Ravens and Deer Pattern
Noah's Christmas Ark VII - Llamas and Lovebirds Pattern
Olga's Autumn Stocking Pattern
Olga's Tart Pattern Back in Stock Soon
Pennsylvania Fraktur Pattern
Pink House Sampler Pattern
Pomegranate Santa Pattern
Pumpkin Spice Season Pattern
Raccoon Rabble Pattern
Rack Stack Pattern
Rest A Wile Pattern Back in Stock Soon
Roo Crew Pattern
Saltbox Scriptures Pattern
Sampler House I Pattern
Sampler House II Pattern
Sampler House III Pattern
Sampler House IV Pattern Back in Stock Soon
Sampler House Series Cross Stitch Pattern
Sampler House V Pattern
Sampler House VI Pattern
Sampler Motif Pin Cushion Pattern
Scary Two Pattern
Serial Bowl Collection Sampler Lesson Four Pattern
Serial Bowl Collection Sampler Lesson One Pattern
Serial Bowl Collection Sampler Lesson Three Pattern
Serial Bowl Collection Sampler Lesson Two Pattern
Sewn in Friendship Pattern
Sheep Heap Pattern
Shepherd's Pie - Jack's Sweet Shoppe Pattern
Snort Stack Pattern
Spring Delivery Pattern
Spring has Sprung Pattern
Spring Saltboxes Pattern
Stranded Jacks Pattern
Summer Delivery Pattern
Summer Hill Pattern
Summer Saltboxes Pattern
Summertide Blessings Pattern
Sweater Weather Pattern
Sweetheart Hill Pattern
The Adams Family Pattern
The Autumn Tart Pattern
The Black Cherry Tart Pattern
The Equality Sampler Pattern Back in Stock Soon
The Flood Pattern
Tired Trio Pattern
Tomato Dame Pattern
Ugly Sweater Weather Pattern
White Pumpkin Farm Pattern
Winter Saltboxes Pattern
Yuletide Shanty Drum Pattern