2007 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2009 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2010 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2011 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2012 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2017 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2018 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2019 Prairie Schooler Santa Cross Stitch Pattern
2020 Prairie Schooler Santa Pattern
2022 Prairie Schooler Santa Pattern
All Hallows Eve Pattern - Reproduction
Autumn Leaves Pattern - Reproduction
Barnyard Christmas Pattern - REPRODUCTION
Birdsong I Pattern - Original Cardstock
Birdsong II Pattern - Original Cardstock
Boo To You Pattern - Original Cardstock
Bump In The Night Pattern - Reproduction
Bunnies & Chicks Pattern - Original Cardstock
Button Up Pattern - REPRODUCTION
Cats, Bats & Witches Pattern
Christmas Day Pattern - Original
Christmas Eve Pattern - Reproduction
Christmas Strawberries Pattern - Original
Christmas Traditions Pattern
Farmer's Alphabet Pattern - REPRODUCTION
Father Christmas Pattern ~ Reproduction
Folk Art Christmas Pattern
Folk Eggs - Original Cardstock
Heads Up! Pattern - Original Cardstock
Just Hatched Pattern - Original
Kris Kringle Pattern
Limited Edition 2005 - Here Comes Santa Claus Pattern
Limited Edition 2006 - Dear Santa... Pattern
Limited Edition 2008 - By the Chimney Pattern
Limited Edition 2009 - Must Be Santa Pattern
Limited Edition 2010- Santa's House Pattern
Limited Edition 2011- Comin' to Town Pattern
Miss Fortune Pattern - Original Cardstock
New World Sampler Pattern
Prairie Schooler 2021 Santa
Prairie Schooler ~ 12 Days of Christmas Pattern
Prairie Schooler ~ Month of April Pattern
Prairie Schooler ~ Month of February Pattern
Prairie Schooler ~ Month of January Pattern
Prairie Schooler ~ Month of October Pattern
Prairie Schooler ~ Santas Revisted
Prairie Schooler ~ Santas Revisted II
Prairie Schooler ~ Santas Revisted III
Prairie Schooler ~ Santas Revisted IV
Prairie Schooler ~ Santas Revisted IX
Prairie Schooler ~ Santas Revisted V
Prairie Schooler ~ Santas Revisted VI
Prairie Schooler ~ Santas Revisted VII
Prairie Schooler ~ Santas Revisted VIII
Prairie Year-Rounds Pattern - Original
Rabbit Run Pattern
Santa & Friends Pattern - Original card stock
Santa Rides Pattern
Santa's 12 Days Christmas 1-4 Pattern
Santa's 12 Days Christmas 5-8  Pattern
Santa's 12 Days Christmas 9-12 Pattern
Songs of the Season - REPRINT
Spring Has Come! Pattern - REPRINT
St. Nicholas II Pattern
St. Nicholas Pattern
Summer & Winter Pattern REPRINT
Two By Two II Pattern - Original Cardstock
Two By Two Pattern - Original Cardstock
Up On The Housetop Pattern
Vintage Eggs Pattern - Original Cardstock
Wedding & Birth Samplers III Pattern - Original Cardstock
Welcome Spring Pattern
Woodland Santas Pattern - Reproduction