The Songbird's Garden Series Cross Stitch Pattern
Spot the Horse Pattern
A Perfect World Cross Stitch Pattern Back in Stock Soon
Nevermore Pattern
Spotted Pigs Pinkeep Pattern
His Eye is on the Sparrow Pattern
Quilting Bee Pattern
Crow & Basket Cross Stitch Pattern
Folk Eggs - Original Cardstock
Just Hatched Pattern - Original
Brown Bird Biscornu Pattern
Llama Lump Pattern
Where Hearts Rest Pattern
A Greyhound Year Cross Stitch Pattern
Peace on Earth Pattern
Miss Isabelle Black Pattern
Summer Saltboxes Pattern
For Ewe Pattern
Buzz Off Pattern
Harietta & Co. Pattern
Sleeping Bee Pattern
Summer Delivery Pattern
Quaker Crow Pattern
A Visit from Spot Pattern
Little Sheep Virtues Pattern 5 -  "Faith"
A Murder... of Crows Pattern
A Shepherd's Song Pattern
Little Sheep Virtues Pattern 11 -  "Gratitude"
Little Sheep Virtues Pattern 4 - "Courage" Back in Stock Soon
Little Sheep Virtues Pattern 2 - "Love"
Clementine Pattern
Paisley Animal Crackers Pattern Back in Stock Soon
Fox Few Pattern
Charlotte Murdoch 1815 Pattern
Gathering Berries Pattern
Sweet Finch Cross Stitch Pattern Kit
Scarlett - Animal Crackers Series Pattern
Yellow Warbler Biscornest Pattern
A Pennsylvania Bird Pattern
For the Birds 9 The Last Ripe Berries Pattern
Liberty & Justice For All Pattern
Save the Bees Pattern
Blueskin Pattern
Fiona & Edward Pattern
The Raven - Spirits of the Woods Pattern Back in Stock Soon
Colorful Cats - Hollyberry Pattern
Colorful Cats - Lemonade Pattern
Olga's Tart Pattern
Lady Rachel Ruth Pattern
Sweet Pea Pattern Back in Stock Soon


Sweet Pea Pattern

Back in Stock Soon

Vintage Eggs Pattern - Original Cardstock
Little Sheep Virtues Pattern 1 -  "Hope"
Little Sheep Virtues Pattern 3 -  "Peace"
Ruby-throated Hummingbird Biscornest Cross Stitch Pattern
Wooly Estate Cross Stitch Pattern
Seeks Wool Cross Stitch Pattern
This Land Pattern
Chalk on the Farm Series - Queen Bee Flower Farm Pattern
Jenny Animal Cracker Series Pattern
The Olde Winter Cross Stitch Pattern
Yule Queen Pattern
Rodney Rabbit Pattern On sale
Heaven & Nature Sing Pattern
Colorful Cats - Rainbow
Bunny in the Briar Button Card Pattern
Colorful Cats - Jelly Bean Pattern
Ring a Rosie Pattern On sale
Milo Animal Cracker Crumbs Series Pattern
Elizabeth Pattern
Quincy Animal Cracker Series Pattern
Little Sheep Virtues Pattern 6 - "Simplicity"
Tired Trio Pattern
Night Walked Down Pattern Back in Stock Soon
Sunflower House Pattern
There's Probably... Cross Stitch Pattern
Henrietta Animal Cracker Series Pattern
Morning Walk Pattern
Reindeer Feed Sack Pattern
Frederika Pattern
Colorful Owls - Hornsby Pattern
Colorful Cats - Phantom Pattern
Whittaker Snowman Animal Crackers Pattern
Goat Load Pattern
B is for Beekeeper Pattern
Intuition Intuit Sampler Long Dog Samplers Pattern
Little American Sampler Pattern On sale
My Country Pattern
Briar Rabbit Pattern
Birdsong I Pattern - Original Cardstock
Clementine Animal Crackers Pattern
Little Sheep Virtues Pattern 9 -  "Friendship"
Spring Delivery Pattern
Delivering Autumn Pattern
Easter Parade Pattern Back in Stock Soon
Berry Bird Pattern
Mother Nature Pattern
Spring Hare Pattern
Autumn Nodding Pattern On sale
Vintage Animals Sampler Pattern
Oliver Ornament Pattern
Spring Gathering Pattern
Primrose Animal Cracker Series Cross Stitch Pattern
A Good Tike Long Dog Samplers Pattern
Rebecca Rabbit Pattern On sale
Shenandoah Pattern
Warm Winter Woolens Pattern
Curious Bunny Pattern
The Stitching Bee Pattern
Humble Honey Pattern
Colorful Eagle - Patriot Pattern
Fox & Friend Friend
Colorful Cats - Mermaid Pattern
Jack Animal Cracker Crumbs Series Pattern
Sheep Heap Pattern
Hare Apparent Band Sampler Pattern
Two By Two II Pattern - Original Cardstock
Birdsong II Pattern - Original Cardstock
Little Sheep Virtues Pattern 12 -  "Joyfullness"
Little Sheep Virtues Pattern 10 -  "Kindness"
Little Sheep Virtues Pattern 8 -  "Wisdom"
Little Sheep Virtues Pattern 7 -  "Patience"
Cow Pile Pattern
Beggar's Night Pattern
Halloween Squirrel Cross Stitch Pattern
Daniel Pattern
Blackbird Fraktur Pattern
Two Lambs' Tails Pattern
Delivering Needlewares Pattern
Delivering The Coffee Beans Pattern
The Wool & Flax Co. Pattern
B is for Bunny Pattern On sale
Queen Bee Pincushion Pattern
Sir William Black Pattern
Sweater Weather Pattern
Rest A Wile Pattern
A Dog's Declaration Pattern
Cat Lovers Pattern
Colorful Cats - Ladybug Pattern
Louise and Henry Pattern
Calvin and Clyde Pattern
Clovis and Stanley Pattern
Shelter from the Storm Pattern
Penelope and Peep Pattern
Colorful Cats - Freedom
Colorful Bunnies - Jelly Bean Pattern
Hunter Gatherer Pattern
Colorful Cats - Nightmare Pattern
Humphrey Animal Crackers Series Pattern
Rest in the Lord Scissor Mat Pattern
Samplar Hare Pattern On sale
Bunnies & Chicks Pattern - Original Cardstock
Winter Snow Owl Pattern
Imagine Dream Believe Pattern
Jeremiah Pattern
Beggar's 4th Pattern
Fragments in Time 2016 Series ~ Celebrating Hooked Rug Motifs
Winter Squirrel Cross Stitch Pattern
Tulip Festival Pattern
Thomas Pattern
Peppermint Pig Cross Stitch Pattern
Delivering Posies Pattern
Delivering Summer Pattern
Mick the Miller et al Pattern
Spring Garland Pattern
Peroy Animal Cracker Series Pattern
Tyler's Lion Long Dog Samplers Pattern
Borealis Fox Pattern
Cats & Quilts - August Pattern Back in Stock Soon
Colorful Cats - Bumblebee Pattern
Boo & Baa-bbie Lamb Wagon Pattern
Buzz of the Bees Pattern
Chalk Full: Snowy
Chicken Run Pattern
Easter Babies Berry Pattern - Linen Collection On sale
Shepherd's Pie - Jack's Sweet Shoppe Pattern
Spring - Queen of the Needles Pattern
The Wolf- Spirits of the Woods Pattern
Colorful Bunnies - Pink & Green Pattern
A Dog's Last Will and Testament Pattern
Tall Sheep Pattern
Colorful Cats - Blizzard Pattern
Colorful Cats - Mistletoe Pattern
Colorful Cats - Valentino Pattern
Crazy Butterflies Pattern
Spring is in the Air Pattern
Fruit of the Vine Needle Roll Pattern
Miss Mary Margaret Wool Pattern
The Hedgehog Pattern
Prized Pig Sewing Book & Flower Urn Pinkeep Pattern
Snort Stack Pattern
The Owl - Spirits of the Woods Pattern
Pretty as a Peacock Pattern
Hare Presumptive Band Sampler Long Dog Samplers Pattern
Birds of a Feather Pattern On sale
Gerald Pattern
Honey Berry Pattern
Happy Hearts Rejoice Pinkeep Nest Pattern
Theodore Animal Cracker Series Pattern
Autumn Squirrel Cross Stitch Pattern
Spring Squirrel Cross Stitch Pattern
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