A Perfect World Cross Stitch Pattern
A Present to Ester Clarke Pattern
Adam & Eve Sampler Pattern
American Farmhouse Pattern
American Homestead Sewing Set Pattern
Ann Long 1826 Sampler Pattern
Ann Pegg 1877 Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Ann Priest 1841 Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Ann Topley 1802 Reproduction Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Ann's Garden Pinkeep Pattern
Anna Grater 1812 Sampler Pattern
Autumn Alphabet Pattern
Be Merry and Bright Pattern
Be of Good Cheer Pattern
Berry Bird Pattern
Berry Merry Christmas Pattern
Black Dog Sampler Pattern
Bonnie's Bittersweet Pattern
Bringing Home the Tree Pattern
Button Posies Pattern
Ceesie Smitt Sampler Pattern
Center Point Sampler Pattern
Charlotte Frost 1846 Sampler Pattern
Charlotte Murdoch 1815 Pattern
Christmastide at Holly House Pattern
Coverlet Berry Scissor Tray Pattern
Coverlet Candle Mat Pattern
Coverlet Christmas Pattern
Coverlet Houses Sampler Pattern
Crow's Corner Pattern
Elizabeth Hunter 1853 Sampler Pattern
Elizabeth Walsh's Work Pattern
Emma Mills Sampler Pattern
Entwined Hearts Sampler Pattern
Fall Frolic Pattern
Find Comfort Pattern
Floral Motif Sampler Scarlett House Pattern
Good Company Pattern
Hannah Hird 1854 Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Hannah Tingey 1823 Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Hannah's Brownstone Pattern
Harriet Taylor 1842 Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Heartland Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Hello Fall Pattern
Henrietta Binns 1837 Sampler Pattern
Holiday Berries Pattern
I See Red Pattern
In the Berry Beginning Pattern
In The Pines Pattern
Jane Cowey 1850 Sampler Pattern
Julia Fletcher 1847 Sewing Set Pattern
Life on Sampler Hill Cross Stitch Pattern
Little Deeds Sampler Pattern
Little Red Chair Sampler Pattern
Margaret Lillie 1812 Sampler Pattern
Martha Pudsey 1835 Sampler Pattern
Mary Ann Farmer 1834 Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Mary Ann Louisa Boston Sampler Pattern
Mary Betchell 1810 Reproduction Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Mary Cook 1795 Sampler Pattern
Mary Hawley 1808 Pattern
Mary Kemp 1862 Sampler Pattern
Mary Linley 1829 Pattern
Mary Miller 1842 Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Mary Roe 1808 Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Mary T. Broom Sampler Pattern
Morning Walk Pattern
My Gift To Thee Pattern
Nice To Meet Ewe Pattern On sale
No Place Like Home Pattern
On Coverlet Court Pattern
Patriotic Scissor Pocket Pattern
Patriotic Shaker Box Set Pattern
Pumpkin Spice Everything Pattern
Pumpkins & Bittersweet Pattern
Rachel Howells 1856 Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Roses for Ruby Sampler Pattern
Samplers Sampler Pattern
Sarah Elizabeth Brooke 1842 Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Sarah Hopwood 1847 Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Sarah Jackson Sampler Pattern
Sarah Redfearn 1826 Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Scarlett House A Changed World Sampler Pattern
Scarlett House Caroline Suffling 1848 Sampler Pattern
Scarlett House ~ Isabella Jackson 1829 Sampler Pattern
Scarlett House ~ We Are the Sampler Makers Pattern
School Days Pattern
Seeking Refuge Pattern
Sleigh Rides and Snowflakes Pattern
Smith Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Spring Fling Stitching Bag Pattern On sale
Sweet Tomato Pattern - 2020 Market Exclusive