A Visit from Spot Pattern
A.H. to E.E. Quaker Sampler Pattern
After the Rain Pattern
An Antique Tapestry Punch Needle Pattern
Anna's Bird Sampler Pattern
Arithmetic Book Pattern
B. R.'s Moth Pattern
Bearing Gifts Pattern
Bird's Eye View Pattern
Busy Hands Pattern
Cats Project Labels
Christmas Reindeer Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Colonial Children & Their Pets Project Labels
Cooper Sampler Pattern
Courage Deer Heart Pattern
Crow No. 5 Pattern
Daniel Pattern
Dearie and Darling Sampler Pattern
Deer Heart Pattern
Dogs in Early Folk Art Project Labels
Early Fraktur Drawing Pattern
Early Portraits Project Labels
Eden's Doll House Pattern
Esther Pattern
Exceedingly Fine Tea Pattern On sale
Fiona & Edward Pattern
Gerald Pattern
H. L.'s Moth Pattern
Halloween Bat Punch Needle Pattern
Halloween Greetings Pattern On sale
Halloween on the Farm Pattern
Heaven & Nature Sing Pattern
Jack's Urn Pattern
Kindred Spirits Pattern
Little Lamb Christmas Pattern
Little Robins Pattern
London Zoo Pattern
M. Pillet An Antique French Sampler Pattern
Mary Anne March Pattern
Mary Cotton Pattern
Mary Lutz, 1835 Sampler Pattern
Miss Elizabeth Perkins Pattern
Miss Mary Hadley Pattern
Mother Nature Pattern
My Day Complete Pattern
One Glorious Bird Punch Needle Pattern
Pinstuck Pincushions Pattern
Rebecca Rabbit Pattern On sale
Repeat the Sounding Joy Pattern
Rodney Rabbit Pattern On sale
Ruth Ellen Haystack Pattern
Sampler Bands Pattern
Sarah Hughes, 1821 Sampler Pattern
Susan Hilliar, 1852 Sampler Pattern
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The Ocean Blue Stocking Pattern
Thomas Pattern
Tonight is Halloween Pattern
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