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Soie 100/3 - 048

Soie 100/3 - 048

Size: 50 Meter Spool

  • Au Ver À Soie® Soie 100/3, is a single ply highly twisted spun silk for embroidery, counted thread, canvaswork and hand, machine and long-arm quilting.
  • The color number system is identical to Au Ver À Soie ® Soie Perlee. It is different from Au Ver À Soie® Soie d’Alger.
  • The shades are different than Soie d’Alger and it greatly expands the range of color selection in shades not generally seen in other company’s thread lines for embroidery.
  • The thickness of the thread is slightly finer than a single ply of Soie d’Alger.
  • The top and bottom of the spool lift up for ease in securing the thread

Thread Applications

  • 4 plies of Soie 100/3 will cover 18 count canvas in tent stitch. Try it for a different looking texture.
  • We like to mix the different weights of silk in the same shade from Au Ver À Soie® Soie d’Alger, Soie Perlee, Soie 100/3 and Trebizond in the same design area to achieve more detailed effect.
  • Soie 100/3 is perfect for outlining facial details, and smoothing curves in canvas work. Simply backstitch around a curve and notice how the jagged edges on the shape disappear.
  • Outline stitching gives sharp, crisp delineation for canvas and linen applications. Vary the number of plies for outlining to provide depth or raised effect.
  • Soie 100/3 is the perfect thread for blackwork, because it is so highly twisted when doing “Holbein Work” as you do your “return trip”, you cannot pierce the thread.
  • When cross stitching over one thread, Soie 100/3 glides through the linen. However, another benefit is when “reverse stitching” is needed, it removes quickly and easily.
  • We recommend Soie 100/3 for couching! You can couch real metal threads of course, but it can be used to couch Trebizond, Soie d’Alger and Soie Perlee as well.
  • Use waxed for couching Real Metal Threads or Trebizond. Will not cut into the metal like polyester.


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