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And the winner is...

Congratulations to Rita B. on winning last week's giveaway!

Rita will be receiving a Pink Hill Sampler Needle Minder from Zappy Dots. This needle minder has a bit of a way to travel since it is going all the way to Scotland!

Rita was randomly drawn as the winner to our question "Who introduced you to cross stitching, and what was the first project that you worked on?" Rita was introduced to cross stitch by her grandmother and her first kit was a picture of a strawberry!

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Patti Goslin:

Hi Kathy,

I don’t know if anyone has sent this to you or not, but there are some nice comments left about you and your business on the 123 Message Board. Just copy and paste this and it will bring to you the comments left there.

You have a cozy place to sell things and stitch and you have done very well. Good for you!

Take care and be well too.


May 03, 2021

Carol Gordon:

I was introduced by my lovely dutch neighbour when I was in my thirties, (and I so wish she could see what I have accomplished from this first gift to me). It was my birthday and she gave me the letter “L”, which I was to do for my daughter. I have since done 35 initials of the same pattern for little girls born. Perfect little gift to say “welcome to our world” and so personal. My niece still hangs hers in her bedroom, and she’s now in her 40’s.

Sep 24, 2020

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