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The Scarlet Letter ~ Eliz. Cox 1838 Reproduction Sampler Pattern

The Scarlet Letter ~ Eliz. Cox 1838 Reproduction Sampler Pattern

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Stitch Count: 290 x 385

This amazingly well preserved, colorful English sampler features an amusing and unusual “lollipo” border executed in cross and counted satin stitches. The three sided border encompasses a verse, and an exuberant spray of brightly colored flowers at the center surrounding the attribution and date. The lower half consists of an elaborate agrarian scene with a “folly” (gazebo), a thatched house, farm buildings, hay stacks, pastures and field of crops (but, oddly, no animals). The traditional sampler verse is:

Jesus permit thy gracious name to stand As the first efforts of an infants hand, And while her fingers o’er the canvas move Engage her tender heart to seek thy Love; With thy dear children let her share apart And write thy name thy self upon her heart.

Stitches used are cross over one and two threads of linen (over one only in the verse), counted satin, stem, long and short stitches, French knots, and back stitch. The original sampler is in the collection of The Scarlet Letter. On 35 count linen (supplied with the kit) the sampler will measure approximately 16-1/2″ x 22″. The project is recommended for more advanced needle workers.

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