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Sajou Dressmaker Pins n°4 ~ Sewing Club

Sajou Dressmaker Pins n°4 ~ Sewing Club

Small rectangular transparent box containing roughly 200 classic dressmakers' pins, extra fine n°4.

To open this box without damaging the label, use a cutter to slit the sides.

As with needles, until 1880, pin production was predominant in Germany, and mainly in Redditch, England. Both pins and needles were produced in the same factories. In "The wealth of nations" by Adam Smith, published in 1776, the English author describes the eighteen different operations necessary to make a pin, using the imagery of this humble object as an example of specialization and productivity. Sajou offers a large range of quality steel dressmaker's pins made in France. You will find everything for your sewing needs, be it for light fabrics, heavy sheets or delicate silks. Our needles are both fine and strong.

Made in France

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