Snow Tree Pincushion
Snow Tree Pincushion Snow Tree Pincushion Snow Tree Pincushion

Mini Masu is a small size wooden box made of Japanese cypress and measures just 15 mm (0.6 in) square featuring sophisticated Japanese dovetail joinery that does not require nails or glue to hold the shape of the box. The smooth hinoki cypress of the box gives off a light, woody fragrance.

The pincushion is made of wool from Hokkaido. Sheep raised with care in Hokkaido. The wool is dyed with local lily of the valley, and finished as a pincushion one by one by hand.

A Star Parquet Sewing Pin crafted from multiple varieties of wood lends a one-of-a-kind natural charm to the Snow Tree Pincushion.

Each package contains one pin cushion and one pin.

Dimensions: wooden base is 15mm square

The needle minder is not included. It is shown in the photo for scale.