Homegrown Magnet Collection by Deb Strain
$16.80 $24.00

Magnet Collection

Company: Zappy Dots

Designer: Deb Strain

Size: 1" Diameter

Quilt Dots magnet collections are the endlessly versatile (and highly collectible!) way for quilters to show off their favorite patterns, fabrics, and designers anytime, anywhere — no sewing machine required!

This collection is comprised of nine 1-inch magnetic Quilt Dots. Each Dot has a secure magnetic back that fits into all of Zappy Dots' interchangeable jewelry bases, including necklaces, bracelets and bag tags (sold separately). When used with these accessories, the magnet firmly holds the Dot in place, while also giving you the freedom to switch between Dots as desired. You can also show off your collection on any magnetic surface or one of their display boards. 

Please Note: These are not needle minders. They do not have the second magnet to secure it to fabric.