"Autumn ABC'S" Pattern
"Spring ABC'S" Pattern
"Summer ABC's" Pattern
"Winter ABC's" Pattern
12 Days - Hens & Birds Pattern
12 Days - Ladies & Lords Pattern
12 Days - Partridge & Doves Pattern
12 Days - Pipers & Drummers Pattern
12 Days - Rings & Geese Pattern
12 Days - Swans & Maids Pattern
12 Days of Christmas - A Partridge In A Pear Tree Pattern
12 Days of Christmas - Eight Maids A-Milking Pattern
12 Days of Christmas - Eleven Pipers Piping Pattern
12 Days of Christmas - Five Golden Rings Pattern
12 Days of Christmas - Four Colly Birds Pattern
12 Days of Christmas - Nine Ladies Dancing Pattern
12 Days of Christmas - Seven Swans A Swimming Pattern
12 Days of Christmas - Six Geese A-Laying Pattern
12 Days of Christmas - Ten Lords A Leaping Pattern
12 Days of Christmas - Three French Hens Pattern
12 Days of Christmas - Twelve Drummers Drumming Pattern
12 Days of Christmas - Two Turtle Doves Pattern
12 Days of Christmas: 1-4 Pattern
12 Days of Christmas: 5-8 Pattern
12 Days of Christmas: 9-12 Pattern
1806 Manor House Sewing Roll Pattern
1831 Christmas Pattern
2001 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2006 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2007 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2008 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock Back in Stock Soon
2009 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2010 Ornaments - All is Calm Pattern
2010 Ornaments - Fa-La-La Pattern
2010 Ornaments - Frosty Flakes Pattern
2010 Ornaments - He's A Flake Pattern
2010 Ornaments - Joy to the World Pattern
2010 Ornaments - Merry Skater Pattern On sale
2010 Ornaments - Pear Tree Pattern
2010 Ornaments - Peppermint Twist Pattern
2010 Ornaments - Red House in Winter Pattern
2010 Ornaments - Snowy Pines
2010 Ornaments - Under the Tree Pattern
2010 Ornaments - Winter Sheep Pattern
2010 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2011 Ornament 1 - Cardinal Winter Pattern
2011 Ornament 10 - Snow in Love Pattern
2011 Ornament 11 - Winter Forest Pattern
2011 Ornament 12 - Good Tidings Pattern
2011 Ornament 2 - Bringing Home the Tree Pattern
2011 Ornament 3 - Deck the Halls Pattern
2011 Ornament 4 - Gingerbread Village Pattern
2011 Ornament 5 - Silent Night Pattern
2011 Ornament 6 - Pine Tree Inn Pattern
2011 Ornament 7 - Baked Goods Pattern
2011 Ornament 8 - Hallelujah Pattern
2011 Ornament 9 - Joy and Peace Pattern
2011 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2012 Ornament 1 - Blessed Pattern
2012 Ornament 10 - Gingerbread Cookie Pattern
2012 Ornament 11 - Season of Love Pattern
2012 Ornament 12 - Saltbox Village Pattern
2012 Ornament 2 - Tree Farm Pattern
2012 Ornament 3 - Quaker Birds Pattern
2012 Ornament 4 - Sleigh Bells RIng Pattern
2012 Ornament 5 - Ding Dong Merrily on High Pattern
2012 Ornament 6 - Six Little Cardinals Pattern
2012 Ornament 7 - Hot Cocoa Pattern
2012 Ornament 8 - It's Snow Cold Pattern
2012 Ornament 9 - Country Christmas Pattern
2012 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2016 Ornament Ornament Little House Needleworks Pattern
2016 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2017 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2018 Santa Pattern - Original Cardstock
2019 Prairie Schooler Santa Cross Stitch Pattern
2020 Prairie Schooler Santa Pattern
48 Star Flag Small Punch Needle Pattern
A Child's Joy Pattern
A Collection of Antique Red Samplers Pattern
A Delaware Inspiration Pattern
A Dog's Declaration Pattern
A Dog's Last Will and Testament Pattern
A Dutch Beauty Sampler Pattern Back in Stock Soon
A Gentleman's Daughter Pattern
A Gift from Heaven Birth Sampler Pattern
A Good Tike Long Dog Samplers Pattern
A Greyhound Year Cross Stitch Pattern
A Happy Life Sampler Pattern
A House Divided Pattern
A Lady, A Gent, and Time Well Spent Sampler Pattern
A Mannequin's Secret Pattern
A Maryland Inspiration Pattern
A Merry Christmas Sampler Pattern
A Merry Little Christmas Pattern
A Merry Old Soul Pattern
A Mother's Garden Pattern
A Murder... of Crows Pattern
A New Constellation Pattern
A Pennsylvania Bird Pattern
A Perfect World Cross Stitch Pattern
A Plant of Rapid Growth Pattern
A Pleasant Sampler Reproduction Pattern
A Present to Ester Clarke Pattern
A Primitive Stocking Pattern
A Quaker Christmas Sampler Pattern Back in Stock Soon
A Quaker Welcome Sampler Pattern
A Quiet Winter Night Pattern
A Sampler House Pattern
A Saviour's Praise Sampler Pattern
A Scandinavian Christmas Pattern
A Series of Quaker Medallions Pattern
A Shepherd's Song Pattern
A Sip of the Seasons: Calvin and Trixie Pattern
A Sister's Garden Pattern
A Stitch in Time Pinkeep Pattern
A Stitcher's Sampler Pattern
A Thomas 1882 - The Nellies Sampler Pattern
A Time For All Seasons ~ Basketful of Love Pattern 4
A Time For All Seasons ~ Bee-sy Spring Pattern 5
A Time For All Seasons ~ First Signs of Spring Pattern 3
A Time For All Seasons ~ It's Snow Time Pattern 1 Back in Stock Soon
A Time For All Seasons ~ Love Is In The Air Pattern 2
A Time For All Seasons ~ Strawberry Harvest Pattern 6
A Time For All Seasons ~ Sweet Summertime Pattern 7
A Two Rabbit Sampler Pattern
A Visit from Spot Pattern
A Wicked Plant Pattern Back in Stock Soon
A Year at Hawk Run Hollow Pattern Back in Stock Soon
A Year of Celebrations Pattern
A.H. to E.E. Quaker Sampler Pattern
A.L. Motif Sampler Pattern
Abby's Needlekeep Pattern
ABC des Maisons Pattern
ABC Samplers Pattern No. 1 - ABC
ABC Samplers Pattern No. 2 - DE
ABC Samplers Pattern No. 3 - FGH
ABC Samplers Pattern No. 4 - IJK
ABC Samplers Pattern No. 5 - LMN
ABC Samplers Pattern No. 6 - OPQ
ABC Samplers Pattern No. 7 - RST
ABC Samplers Pattern No. 8 - UVW
ABC Samplers Pattern No. 9 - XYZ
ABC Tapestry Sampler Pattern
Abominable Bundle Pattern
Ackworth School Motif Pattern Book Cross Stitch Book Back in Stock Soon
Acorn Gathering Sewing Roll Pattern
Acorn Hill Pattern
Acorns Pattern
Across the Miles Pattern
Adam & Eve Sampler Pattern
Adam Names the Animals Pattern
Advent Calendar & Petite Ornamentals Pattern
After the Rain Pattern
Agnes Platt's Strawberry Sampler Pattern Book Back in Stock Soon
Alice Harris 1835 Sampler Pattern
All Bundled Up! Cross Stitch Pattern
All Creatures Great and Small Pattern
All Creatures Great and Small Pattern
All Hallow's Eve Pattern Back in Stock Soon
All Hallow's Eve Pinkeep Pattern Back in Stock Soon
All Hallows Eve Pattern - Reproduction
All Joys for Thine Pattern
All The Things Pattern
Aloft Pattern
Alpaca Farm Cross Stitch Pattern
Alpine Pattern Back in Stock Soon

Satsuma Street

Alpine Pattern

Back in Stock Soon

Always Remember Pattern Back in Stock Soon
Amelie Lambert 1844 Reproduction Sampler Pattern
America the Beautiful Pattern
America! Pattern Back in Stock Soon
American Badger Pattern
American Eagle Threadwork Primitives Pattern
American Farmhouse Pattern
American Harmony ~ Number Three Pattern
American Harmony ~ Number Two Pattern
American Home Pattern
American Homestead Sewing Set Pattern
American Strawberries Pattern - Original
Americana Angel Kit
Americana Sampler Stamped Cross Stitch Kit
Americana Sampling Pattern
Amidst the Crowd Sampler Pattern
Amphitrite, Queen Goddess of the Sea Pattern
Amy Cann 1831 Reproduction Sampler Pattern
An 1840 Biedermeier Sampler Pattern
An Antique Tapestry Punch Needle Pattern
An Emblem of Love Quaker Pattern
Ancestral Tree Pattern
And a Forest Grew Pattern
And Be Kind to One Another Sampler Pattern Back in Stock Soon
And To All A Good Night Pattern
Ann Alice Townshends Sampler Pattern
Ann Borrett 1646 Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Ann Castle 1811 Sampler Pattern Printed Booklet
Ann Dale 1827: Big and Beautiful Sampler Pattern
Ann Gardner 1723 Sampler Pattern
Ann Long 1826 Sampler Pattern
Ann Ogden 1843 Reproduction Sampler Pattern
Ann Oliver 1845 Sampler Pattern Printed Booklet
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