Blank Greeting Card ~ Elizabeth Harding 1791
Blank Greeting Card ~ Elizabeth Weston
Blank Greeting Card ~ Lucy Navier 1818
Gift Wrap ~ Apples
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Gift Wrap ~ Bees

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Gift Wrap ~ Bittersweet
Gift Wrap ~ Butterflies and Moths
Gift Wrap ~ Cats
Gift Wrap ~ Herons
Gift Wrap ~ Hummingbird
Gift Wrap ~ Orchid
Gift Wrap ~ Owls
Gift Wrap ~ Rabbits
Jane Austen Journal ~ Elizabeth
Jane Austen Journal ~ Lady Catherine
Kathy Barrick ~ Bequeathment Labels
Note Card Pack ~ Birds
Note Card Pack ~ Ocean
Note Card Pack ~ Trees
Note Card Pack ~ Woodland
Project Labels ~ A Stitcher's Bequest
Project Labels ~ Cool Ladyes
Project Labels ~ Dogs in Early Folk Art
Project Labels ~ Early Portraits
Sajou Sticky Notes - Little Girl Sewing
Sajou Sticky Notes - Little Girls
Sajou Sticky Notes - View of Paris
Sajou Tin of Hard Candies ~ Fruit Salad
Sajou Tin of Hard Candies ~ Honey
Sajou Tin of Hard Candies ~ Poppy
Sajou Tin of Hard Candies ~ Violet
Sajou Tin Soap ~ Benzoin
Sajou Tin Soap ~ Lavendar
Wrist Ruler - Baby Blue
Wrist Ruler - Blue Back in Stock Soon
Wrist Ruler - Dark
Wrist Ruler - Hot Pink
Wrist Ruler - Lilac
Wrist Ruler - Lime
Wrist Ruler - Medium
Wrist Ruler - Orange
Wrist Ruler - Plum
Wrist Ruler - Red
Wrist Ruler - Shamrock
Wrist Ruler - Teal